Jameson Patton and Steve Walton officially began Greenleaf in 1976 in a small warehouse, with one phone line and a Dodge Window Van named Juliette. They began by bringing outstanding organic produce from small local farms to young chefs—making it easy for them to get the high-quality seasonal fruits and vegetables they craved. Greenleaf blossomed by developing meaningful relationships with local farms, and with local chefs.
In 1993 ownership transferred to Bill Wilkinson who came with 25 years of outstanding experience with top hotels and California kitchens. With this new path Greenleaf was able to develop new customers and continue to innovate expanding the product line to be more than just produce. Greenleaf now carries unique specialty items, dairy, charcuterie, baking goods and cheeses from around the world to satisfy The Bay Area Chefs unique needs.
Today, Greenleaf continues to support small-scale farms, promote sustainable grown produce and help restaurants succeed.