About Beehive.

In 2005, brothers-in-law Tim Welsh and Pat Ford founded Beehive Cheese Co., leaving behind the corporate world in exchange for the art of making cheese. With the help of the Western Dairy Center at Utah State University, they opened their doors. Beehive, nestled in a valley between the Wasatch Mountains, is one of only a few artisan cheese makers in Utah, and uses fresh Jersey and Holstein milk from Wade’s Dairy, a 4th generation family dairy just a few miles away. Wade’s produces their milk solely for the purpose of cheesemaking, ensuring a caring, stress-free environment for their herd. The herd’s diet consists primarily of alfalfa hay and corn grown on site, and the cows are never treated with the growth hormone rBGH or rBST. Each delivery of milk is tested by Beehive for the following markers of quality: Low somatic cell count, pH, presence of antibiotics and butterfat and protein levels. Milk will be turned away if the somatic cell count is too high, or there is the presence of any antibiotics. Wade’s Dairy produces milk with somatic cell counts seven times lower than what is required – this indicates a herd that is healthy and free of stress. Beehive takes this outstanding milk and hand-crafts their cheeses with an eye to the seasons, adjusting recipes to fat and protein levels in the milk. All of the cheeses feature only vegetarian-friendly rennet. 

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