Comanche Creek Farm

About Comanche Creek Farm.

Jim Miller started Comanche Creek Farms just south of Chico in Butte County. The farm is located in the Northern Sacramento Valley in a riparian area between Highway 5 and 99 where the soil is full of minerals. Butte Creek runs nearby and the overflow has greatly enriched the soil over the years.
The deep-seated philosophy underlying the farm is a great respect for the environment and this has led to the adoption of many organic methods of farming. Jim grows cover crops to aid and maintain soil fertility he uses only natural methods of pest control and recycles natural materials back into the soil.
The initial desire was to grow the best tasting and healthiest produce possible for the Miller family. One year Jim and his family were eating at Mendocino restaurant and knew Comanche Creek tomatoes were much better than what the restaurant was serving. The chef agreed and a business was born.
Experimenting to find the best vegetable varieties (Comanche Creek grows tomatoes, herbs, peppers, squash and melons, as well as other seasonal produce) for the farm lead to the capacity to supply more local restaurants.

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240 Speedwayn Ave
Chico, CA 95928 [VIEW MAP]