Joseph Farms

About Joseph Farms.

A family farm since 1946, Joseph Farms has grown into an internationally recognized producer of premium, all-natural cheeses located right in the San Joaquin Valley. Founder Joseph Gallo helped his grandparents make homemade cheese almost a century ago, and his son Michael is now the second generation at the helm. The cheeses are made from the milk of their own herd of Holstein and Jersey cows, who are fed an all-natural diet that is mostly grown on Joseph Farms’ own land. Joseph Farms’ cheeses are made with only Grade A milk from cows that have never been treated with any artificial hormones.

Joseph Farms won the 2014 US Dairy Sustainability Award for their outstanding commitment to sustainable manufacturing and dairy processing. Their water conservation efforts reuse up to 2.9 billion gallons of water each year, in addition to up to 10 million gallons of storm and wastewater taken in from local communities for irrigation. Joseph Farms also built the first large-scale methane digesters in the state, which in turn generate up to 75% of the electricity required for their cheese production and packaging.

Joseph Farms contributions to environmental protection and resource conservation have garnered them numerous other awards from the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and the Environmental Protection Agency, and their cheeses have garnered countless honors in cheese competitions worldwide.

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