Marin French

About Marin French.

Marin French Cheese Company is the single oldest continuously-operating cheese factory in the United States, in operation in the same location in Petaluma since 1865. Widely held to be the originator of California-made brie and camembert, Marin French got their start producing “Breakfast Cheese”, which was a fresh, rindless cheese sold to San Francisco saloons as an alternative to pickled eggs, which at the time were in short supply. The move to European-style soft-ripened cheeses occurred in the early 1900s. The company began as a farmstead operation, using the milk from their own herd for the cheese, but during the depression switched to just cheese production in an effort to support local dairy farms. To this day, Marin French continues to use milk only from neighboring herds, and all milk used is rBST-free. 

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