Schoch Family Farmstead

About Schoch Family Farmstead.

The Schoch Family Farmstead, established in 1944, is of a rare breed: It is one of very few family farmstead dairies in the state of California, it is one of only two dairies in Monterey County, and it has been run by the same family in the same location since 1944. John Schoch is the patriarch at the helm, who with wife Mary and sons Beau, Seth and Ty keep the family dairy tradition alive.

Schoch Family Farmstead was originally founded by John Schoch’s father and uncle, who emigrated from Switzerland to the cool fog belt near Salinas in Monterey County. The Schoch brothers brought with them their knowledge of dairy farming and this was passed down to John Schoch, who may be the only dairy owner who still personally milks his own herd twice a day, every day. Schoch’s sons then craft their superb raw Holstein milk into fine wheels of true farmstead cheese that reflect the terroir of the region. Because the milk is never pasteurized, and very carefully handled between milking and cheesemaking, each wheel of resulting cheese captures a moment in time in terms of what the cows are eating, coastal conditions and seasons.

John Schoch and his family have endeavored to bring their operation back to a more pasture-based model, and to this end have embarked on native planting and habitat restoration, composting, erosion control and other measures to maximize sustainability.

GreenLeaf is the sole distributor of Schoch cheeses and is honored to support the Schoch family’s admirable commitment to high quality product, excellent land stewardship and overall best business practices. Call today for your order and help support this outstanding family dairy!

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