Shanley Farms

About Shanley Farms.

Located in Morro Bay, Shanley Farms was the retirement plan for Jim Shanley, who purchased Morro Canyon Ranch in 1998. Avocadoes went in the next year, and by 2003 he had acquired Venice Hill Ranch in Visalia, with its citrus, avocado and kiwi crops already in full swing. In 2006 he planted his first finger lime trees, and harvested his first successful fruits 5 years later. The cooler microclimate of the Morro Bay growing region makes for an exceptionally rich and creamy avocado, as they mature on the tree longer than fruit from warmer climes and are picked at peak oil content. Shanley's Sierra Sweet Kiwis are also held on the trees much longer, yielding a deliciously sweet fruit that can have almost double the sugar content required for picking. And their finger limes have found a marketplace hungry for this unique citrus that is orginally native to Australia. 

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