Vermont Creamery

About Vermont Creamery.

Vermont Creamery, launched in 1984, is based in the town of Websterville, Vermont. The company supports a network of more than 15 local family farms, and produces artisanal dairy products in the European style. The idea for the company began when Allison Hooper used her experience working on dairy farms in France to help Bob Reese create goat cheese for a Vermont Department of Agriculture banquet in the early 80s. The Creamery has since earned worldwide recognition, and their award-winning products exhibit the same passion and dedication that they have from its inception. In 2014, Vermont Creamery became B Corp certified, reflecting their commitment not only to sustainable farming practices, but also to sustainable business practices. Their B Corp certification translates to employee profit-sharing, training programs, and voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability and performance in the business world. 

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