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All Gem Lettuces are limited as a result of slow growth & shifting of growing regions, including County Line Little Gem, Mann Packing’s Honey Gem plus Tanamura & Antle brand Sweet Gem. Best sub as of now is Baby Iceberg. Standard Iceberg Lettuce is extremely limited, of marginal quality/weight, and the market has nearly tripled: Avoid if possible. — Jun 18, 2018
Knoll Farms Update: Season over for Loose Arugula, Green Garlic & Garlic Scapes, but their flavor-packed Stonefruit should start this week. Forecast for their unparalleled Figs is early July; triple digit temps will speed up harvest. — Jun 12, 2018
Citrus: Finger Limes- New crop just coming on; limited to start. Also expecting fresh Goji Berries from the same grower, Shanley Farms, by mid-June! Oranges- The CA Navel Orange season has ended. Valencia Oranges in 56, 72, 88 & 113ct are in now, through the fall. New crop pricing on small, 113ct size is very high currently as the crop is leaning towards larger fruit this season. — Jun 12, 2018