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Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: Alameda County - California
Growers: Belfiore

In Berkeley, Belfiore Cheese Company found its beginnings in 1987, with a small assortment
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A cow’s milk delicacy originally from Andria, Italy, Burrata is a finely stretched “skin” of mozzarella, formed into a pouch and filled with small shreds of mozzarella (straciatelle) and thick cream (panna). The pouch is closed and knotted at the top, moistened with whey and, ideally, enjoyed very quickly. What one finds when tucking into an orb of fresh burrata is truly decadent – a sublimely rich and unctuous center inside soft, pliant mozzarella. The flavor should be impeccably fresh and creamy. A wonderful rich counterpoint to grilled vegetables, great bread and extra virgin olive oil. Cow milk.

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