Death & Taxes Organic Cow's Milk Cheese

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Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: Californa


The newest creation from Bleeting Heart Creamery is a super tasty collaboration with Moonlight Brewing Company."Death & Taxes" is organic jersey cow milk, pasteurized, cultured, and coagulated with natural calf rennet. The resulting cheese curds are cut, stirred, and then scooped into basket forms by hand. After brining the next day, the cheeses are regularly flipped and washed with Moonlight Brewing's "Death & Taxes" black lager. The cheese's namesake is a cult favorite beer that pretty much every beer enthusiast in the Bay Area (and beyond) knows and loves. The dark beer gives the rind a distinctive stained wood appearance, imparting aroma nuances of yeast and hints of chocolate from the darkly roasted malts. The paste is dense and buttery with a fudge-like mouth feel and the golden hue is from the rich jersey cow milk.