Double Cream Brie from Daphne's Creamery

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Product Details

Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: Santa Rosa, California


Daphne’s Brie is a soft-ripened double crème gem made with a centuries old French recipe. “Soft-ripened”, meaning bloomy on the outside from being inoculated with mold which helps break down the fat and proteins to give it its unique flavor and texture. The “double crème” means a little extra cream has been added to give it extra richness. This brie is at its prime when it gives a little to the touch when pinched along its sides. One’s patience and taste buds are rewarded when Daphne’s Brie is allowed to come to room temperature; the mushroomy nutty flavors and the creamy texture are at their best. Be transported to a French café when you enjoy this brie with a fresh baguette and a glass of rosè. Fresh fruit, toasted nuts and cured meats are also delicious accompaniments.
Daphne’s Creamery is a mission-based artisan creamery named after our founder’s daughter who loves butter and cheese. Daphne’s Creamery offers goat and cow milk-based cheeses and butter for discerning chefs and consumers alike. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California and Seattle, Washington, Daphne’s Creamery is part of the Zoe’s Meats Family. Zoe is actually Daphne’s little sister.