Schoch Monterey Jack

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Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: Monterey County - California
Growers: Schoch Family Farmstead

The Schoch Family Farmstead, established in 1944, is of a rare breed: It is one of very fe
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A terrific take on a California classic, Schoch Monterey Farmstead Jack has a lactic complexity layered over fresh, sweet milk. Made with raw, grass-fed Holstein milk, the cheese is more firm and dry than mass-produced Jack, with a rugged complexity often lacking in conventional varieties. The raw milk base ensures each wheel is distinct and unique in flavor. From Schoch Family Farmstead, one of the few small family dairies still located in Monterey County. Originally from Switzerland, Adolph and Ernest Schoch brought their knowledge of dairy farming to the fertile Salinas Valley and the traditions they established continue to hold true today. Sustainability is paramount, and the milk that goes into Schoch cheeses comes from a tidy herd of 100 Holsteins, making each wheel a true farmstead cheese. Second generation dairy man John Schoch and his three sons are focused on maintaining their legacy of land stewardship, and have partnered with local resource conservation agencies, such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Community Alliance of Family Farmers, to achieve this goal.