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Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: Humboldt County - California
Growers: Cypress Grove

Cypress Grove founder Mary Keehn began raising goats in the 1970s to provide her family wi
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Cypress Grove’s signature cheese, and quite honestly one of California’s most famous delicacies, Humboldt Fog is a modern classic. A surface-ripened goat cheese, made from cultured goat’s milk that creates a softly tangy finish and incomparably rich texture. As it ages, Humboldt Fog will further soften and liquefy close to the rind while maintaining a firm center – creating a multi-dimensional delight of textures and flavors. And one must not forget the faint ribbon of vegetable ash that runs through the center of the cheese, in addition to the coating of ash under it’s exterior, lending it a mineral finish and contributing to its elegant, cake-like appearance. Humboldt Fog is a natural as a cheese course, draped over salads, paired with excellent bread and enjoyed with a classic Sauvignon Blanc. Goat milk.