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Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: Sonoma County - California
Growers: Bellwether Farms

Bellwether Farms got its start in 1986, when Cindy Callahan needed a way to keep pasture g
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Young, tart, fresh-tasting and rindless. Bellwether's crescenza is an excellent ode to the Italian cheese that inspired it - intensely creamy and soft in texture, spreadable on anything and everything. Aged 2-3 weeks, it will continue to ripen and soften with more age. Melt over pizza with roasted chanterelles. From Bellwether Farms, who raise their own sheep and gather Jersey cow milk from a nearby farm, turning their rich milks into some of the world’s finest cheese and yogurt. All of Bellwether’s herd is fed on grain and alfalfa, in addition to pasture year round, and no hormones are ever used to increase production. The Jersey cow’s milk that goes into Bellwether’s cheeses has a higher fat and protein content than other cow’s milk, making it a superior choice for making cheese. Again, quality prevails over quantity – Jersey cows produce an average of 5 gallons of milk a day, which can be half of what other breeds produce. None of Bellwether’s cows are ever treated with hormones. Cow milk.