Product Details

Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: San Luis Obispo, California
Growers: Franklin Peluso


Produced for over 30 years, Franklin’s Teleme tastes of fresh milk with a delicate lactic finish, and features a buttery smooth and soft texture. Each 6-lb ‘tile’ of cheese is dusted in rice flour after a few days of drying, to help form a subtle, delicate ‘rind’ that helps to keep the soft center from simply oozing away. As the cheese ages, it will develop deeper, more complex flavors hinting of mushroom, crème fraiche and even the occasional nod to a classic camembert from Normandy. With even more age, the texture will soften further to an almost entirely runny state. Stirred into warm soft polenta it is hard to match. From third-generation cheesemaker Franklin Peluso.