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Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: Sonoma County - California
Growers: Bellwether Farms

Bellwether Farms got its start in 1986, when Cindy Callahan needed a way to keep pasture g
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Made from 100% sheep’s milk, Bellwether Farms Sheep’s Milk Yogurt is incredibly creamy and rich, and contains no antibiotics or growth hormones. It is an excellent choice for those who are lactose intolerant, or for anyone seeking a delicious alternative to cow’s milk yogurts. The highest quality fruit sourced from the Oregon Columbia River area is used to flavor the fruit varieties – choose from Blackberry, Blueberry or Strawberry. All are “fruit-at-the-bottom”, so a quick stir will incorporate the fresh, sweet fruit into the creamy yogurt. Vanilla is made with a blend of Madagascar, Indonesian and Bourbon beans, imparting lots of heady vanilla flavor. Active cultures in the yogurts include L.bulfarieus, S.themophilus, L.acidophilus and Bifidus, all excellent for assisting the body in proper functioning. These are naturally thick yogurts, with a surprisingly clean flavor.

It is generally agreed upon by food historians and the like that yogurt, like cheese and other fermented milk products, was stumbled upon by accident in the Neolithic era. A likely scenario is that milk stored in warm temperatures or animal hides quickly fermented, yielding a thicker yogurt-like substance or even cheese. The period in history in which this occurred is known for the proliferation of tools, domesticated animals and farming, so the discovery of ways to extend the viability of fresh milk would have been a natural extension of this practical evolution. Yogurt is rich in calcium, protein and B-vitamins, it is known to promote gut health, and is an integral part of many cultures and foodways. Yogurt is an excellent tenderizer for meats, an excellent base for creamy dressings, a healthful addition to chilled soups and a superb beverage.