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Seasons: Fall/Winter
Origin: San Luis Obispo County - California
Growers: Shanley Farms

Located in Morro Bay, Shanley Farms was the retirement plan for Jim Shanley, who purchased
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Native to Australia, Finger Limes are unique not only for their exterior shape, but also for their juice sacs, or vesicles. Finger Limes' vesicles are round, pop like caviar on the tongue and will spill forth from a freshly cut finger lime like tiny bubbles. The flavor is a distinct mix of lime, lemon and green citrus, and somewhat herbaceous. They are stunning and strong, only a few sacs required to make a big impression visually and in flavor. The fruit itself has a thin rind, and looks much like a small, fat pickle in shape. Scatter sparingly over fresh oysters, incorporate into cocktails or use as a vibrant ingredient and garnish for desserts.

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