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Seasons: Spring/Summer/Fall
Origin: Santa Cruz County - California
Growers: Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo

Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo is the happy marriage of small organic family farms and an internatio
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Yet another member of the mint family, Basil has a bright, floral, anise-like note that can verge on sweet. Its aromatic nature wilts quickly with heat, so it is often used in fresh preparations or as garnish to retain its flavor. Originally native to India, Basil is commonly associated with Italian food but is found in a wide range of cuisines. Scatter over pizzas and flatbreads right out of the oven, deep fry until crisp, or puree with garlic and olive oil to stir into a summer soup as garnish. Add to fruit salads, green salads and roasted vegetable salads. Muddle into cocktails and sorbets.

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