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Seasons: Spring/Summer
Origin: Butte County - California
Growers: Comanche Creek Farm

Jim Miller started Comanche Creek Farms just south of Chico in Butte County. The farm is
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Founded in 1962, Iacopi Farms makes the most of the cool, coastal climate of the Half Moon
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Glossy, bright green pods packed with pearl-sized peas - spring has arrived. Our English Peas are perfectly tender and sweet, and the less heat these peas see the better. Excellent fresh, tossed with couscous and mint, or barely blanched and pureed into a vibrant green soup. English Peas differ from a Sugar Snap Pea, in that English Peas are cultivated mostly for the sweet, tender pea inside, whereas Snaps are generally enjoyed with the more plump, crunchy pod intact. English Peas can be fragile and are best enjoyed quickly and with little processing.