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Seasons: Spring/Summer/Fall
Origin: Tulare County - California
Growers: Wilgenburg Greenhouses

Hans Wilgenburg was born and raised on his family’s dairy farm near San Diego. While ear
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Vine-ripened and bursting with flavor, Wilgenburg Organic Green Tomatoes are firm and just juicy enough, and pack just enough tart flavor to provide a perfect counterpoint to your favorite frying style. Each and every tomato is picked by gloved hands, and gently packed to ensure unblemished skins. Dredge and fry, mince into an unexpected salsa verde or pickle  in cider vinegar, spices and sugar. Hans Wilgenburg grew up on the family dairy farm, and brought his love for food to Dinuba in 1987 to found Wilgenburg Greenhouses. Bumble bees pollinate the tomato flowers and Wilgenburg produces his own compost and uses superior worm castings to further enhance the nutritional value of the soil medium. The results are summer-sweet organic tomatoes and green tomatoes that are unparalleled in quality.