Short Grain Brown Rice

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Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: Butte County - California
Growers: Lundberg Family Farms

The Lundberg Family Farm traces its roots to 1937, when the Lundbergs moved from Nebraska
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Short Grain Brown Rice is one of the most full-flavored of the Lundberg grains. After cooking, the grains are soft and cling together. Perfect for recipes where a creamy texture is desired, such as puddings, rice balls, croquettes, and paella. Rice, second only to corn in worldwide production volume, has been a domesticated crop for at least 12,000 years. It is one of the most widely consumed grains world wide, and is one of the most diversified, allowing it to be cultivated in low lying areas, on a mountainside, and anywhere in between where there is sufficient access to water. Rice seeds are milled to remove the chaff, at which time the result is brown rice. Further milling removes the bran and the germ (and many of the nutrients), creating white rice. There are long-, medium- and short-grain rice varieties. Long grains tend to remain relatively intact after cooking, resulting in grains that separate and fluff. Medium- and short-grain varieties tend to be more sticky when cooked, and lend themselves well to risotto, paella, sushi and rice pudding. Rice, being a mild starch, carries flavors exceptionally well, and can be combined with virtually any ingredient - it functions equally well in sweet and savory applications alike.