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Produce Partners

Explore all of our wonderful farm partners that we source our fresh produce from! Whether it’s local fruit, leafy greens, root vegetables, or any seasonal item, you can count on us to find the best local product available.

Frog Hollow Farms

Brentwood, California

Located in Brentwood, California, Frog Hollow Farm is home to 143 acres of fruit trees, including peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, pluots, apriums, plums, olives, apples and pears, among others. Farmer Al Courchesne began his foray into stone fruit in 1976, with the planting of his first peach trees. He is now a nationally-recognized and lauded producer of over 20 varieties of peaches alone. Frog Hollow is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers, and utilizes sustainable farming practices to ensure minimal impact on the land and the people who live and farm on it. The growing region is ideal for stone fruit, with sun-warmed days and cool nights, ensuring fruit stays on the trees longer to fully mature and devlop their superb sweetness and flavor. .

Driscoll’s Berries

Watsonville, California

Driscoll’s story begins in California’s Pajaro Valley in 1904, when friends Joseph Reiter and R.O Driscoll began producing Sweet Briar strawberries there. Fast forward 100 years and Driscoll’s remains a family-owned and operated company, with grandson Miles Reiter at the helm, and great-grandson Eric Reiter joining Driscoll’s family of farms as a grower. Driscoll’s works with dozens of family farms in California and around the world to source berries at their peak of flavor and freshness, year-round. Growing regions are carefully selected for optimal soil and climate conditions to produce oustanding berries. ​

Dwelley Farm

Oakley, California

Located in Brentwood, Dwelley Farms has been growing fresh fruits and vegetables since 1921. A third generation family farm with about 800 acres, the Dwelley’s grow stonefruit, apples, almonds, cherries, beans and sweet corn. They trade ground with neighboring farms to rotate crops between corn, beans and alfalfa, an cycle suited to the area’s heavy clay soil. ​

Field Fresh Farms

Watsonville, California

Field Fresh Farms has been growing produce on the Central Coast for four generations and has a long history with the environment that sustains them, the fertile lands they manage, the healthy products they grow and pack, and the communities and companies they partner with. From tilling to table, the distributors and foodservice providers they work with know they will be providing their customers with vibrant, flavorful greens that have been carefully tended to every step of the way.

Fresh Origins

San Marcos, California

The brainchild of founder Rich Collins, California Endive Company was founded in 1983. Collins spent time in Europe learning hands-on ​Combining the benefits of the great weather with a deep passion for quality and innovation, Fresh Origins has become the number one source of Microgreens and Edible Flowers for America’s top restaurants and resorts. The farm was founded by David Sasuga, after growing flowering plants for 20 years. David always wanted to grow fresh produce and the opportunity came unexpectedly. Back in 1995, a local chef came to their greenhouse and got excited when he saw some basil seedlings growing there. He wanted to try using them to accent his plate presentations and although it didn’t make a lot of sense at the time, it was then that David began producing these and other varieties of tiny, fresh-cut seedlings destined for restaurants in Orange County California. ​

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