Produce Partners

Explore all of our wonderful farm partners that we source our fresh produce from! Whether it’s local fruit, leafy greens, root vegetables, or any seasonal item, you can count on us to find the best local product available.

California Endive

Rio Vista, California

The brainchild of founder Rich Collins, California Endive Company was founded in 1983. Collins spent time in Europe learning hands-on growing technique, and brought that expertise to bear on what is now the nation’s only major grower of organic and conventional endive. The sweet, crunchy, and slightly bitter leaves of the endive are grown from chicory root – CEF has become an industry leader in improving the complex growing process required for this delicate vegetable. ​

Capay Organics

Yolo County, California

Capay Organic is a second-generation organic family located 90 miles northeast of San Francisco, in the Coastal Ranges’ Capay Valley. Founded in 1976, by Kathleen Barsotti and Martin Barnes, the farm began as 20 acres with an eye to growing quality organic produce. Today, the farm grows more than 130 varieties of fruits and vegetables on 500 acres of certified organic land. The farm practices healthy crop rotation, encourages a diverse ecosystem around their fields and efficiently uses local water sources to support the crops. Capay employs many of its workers year-round, and works closely with local schools and foodbanks to provide fresh fruits and vegetables.

Christopher Ranch

Vernon, California

Ole Christopher left Denmark in the early 1890s to build a new life for his family in the Santa Clara Valley. Fast forward to 1956, when Ole’s grandson Don Christopher began his own farm in Gilroy, and began to explore a new crop: Garlic. Don ultimately founded the Gilroy Garlic Festival, putting Gilroy on the map as the world’s garlic capital. And Ole’s great grandson Bill now helms Christopher Ranch, and tends to their heirloom-designated seed stock varietal Monviso. Monviso is the only commercially-grown heirloom garlic in the United States, and is only grown by Christopher Ranch. ​

Coke Farm

Monterey County, California

Coke Farm has been producing outstanding organically grown fruits and vegetables for over thirty years. In August of 1981, prompted by a doubting conventional farmer who speculated that strawberries could not be grown organically, founder Dale Coke planted his first strawberries on the home ranch near Aromas, California. The plants produced successfully and a local natural foods store became the first Coke Farm customer. Dale started planting more crops and joined the Santa Cruz chapter of C.C.O.F. (California Certified Organic Farmers) ​

Comanche Creek

Chico, California

Jim Miller started Comanche Creek Farms just south of Chico in Butte County. The farm is located in the Northern Sacramento Valley in a riparian area between Highway 5 and 99 where the soil is full of minerals. Butte Creek runs nearby and the overflow has greatly enriched the soil over the years.
The deep-seated philosophy underlying the farm is a great respect for the environment and this has led to the adoption of many organic methods of farming. Jim grows cover crops to aid and maintain soil fertility he uses only natural methods of pest control and recycles natural materials back into the soil.
The initial desire was to grow the best tasting and healthiest produce possible for the Miller family. One year Jim and his family were eating at Mendocino restaurant and knew Comanche Creek tomatoes were much better than what the restaurant was serving. The chef agreed and a business was born. Experimenting to find the best vegetable varieties (Comanche Creek grows tomatoes, herbs, peppers, squash and melons, as well as other seasonal produce) for the farm lead to the capacity to supply more local restaurants.

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