Grazin’ Girl Gorgonzola, Valley Ford

Blue cheese with a rustic basket weave exterior, tasty notes of sweet cream, and a buttery color with blue streaks throughout. Amazing in salads, sauces, and drizzled with honey.

Milk: Cow
Item #11514

Humboldt Fog Mini, Cypress Grove

Soft-ripened goat cheese with a buttermilk and fresh cream flavor, complemented with floral notes and a citrus finish. Good drizzled with honey and paired with prosciutto, tart apple, and almonds, or crumbled over a salad

Milk: Goat
Item #8039

Ewenique, Central Coast Creamery

Aged hard gouda-style cheese with a finish of warm vanilla and spiced tea. A natural jagged curd structure-tacky, malleable, semi-firm, slightly crumbly. Made with 100% California sheep’s milk.

Milk: Sheep
Item #10081

Nicasio Square, Nicasio Valley Cheese

A golden-orange washed-rind cheese with a distinctive aroma and flavor,
reminiscent of a Taleggio. A Top 5 Finisher in its class at the World Cheese

Milk: Cow
Item #8770

TomaTruffle, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.

Rich texture and buttery flavor with the aromatic taste of Italian black truffles from Umbria. Reminiscent of fresh strawberries and a hint of cocoa married beautifully with the richness of Toma. Made from cow’s milk. Gluten-free.

Milk: Cow
Item #14327

Teleeka, Tomales Farmstead Creamery

A soft, bloomy-rind, triple-milk cheese made from sheep, goat, and local A2 Jersey cow milks. Good Food Award winner and American Cheese Society Award winner.

Milk: Cow, Goat, Sheep
Item #11723

Bandage Wrapped Cheddar, Fiscalini Farmstead

Raw, whole milk cheddar from Holstein cows in central California. Clothbound, hand-turned, and aged for a minimum of 30 months, yielding a golden, rich, crumbly cheddar.

Milk: Cow
Item #7086

Leo, Shooting Star Creamery

A young, bloomy-rind cheese made of 100% local sheep milk. Soft, buttery flavor with notes of green grapes and fresh cut grass. Pairs well with something light and effervescent.

Milk: Sheep
Item #14261

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