Pampered Pumpkin

Manteca, California

At Van Groningen & sons, when the weather begins to cool, they know it means one thing…pumpkins! The fall season is always a welcome change, bringing a wide array of fall items ranging from traditional carving pumpkins to exotic pumpkin varieties that are as rare as they are beautiful! They take great pride in their fall items, caring for them from seed to harvest. This is why they refer to them as “Pamper’d Pumpkins”​

Perfect Puree

Napa, California

It was a recipe for success: Her love of cooking combined with the desire to go into business for herself brought entrepreneur Tracy Hayward to the food industry. Drawing upon her culinary background, she created a line of quality prepared purees for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts: The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley. As with many startup companies, Hayward’s venture was self-financed. Tracy sold her home for startup capital and started The Perfect Purée out of her parents’ home in Southern California. To immerse herself in the industry, she studied distributor networks, suppliers, product development and processing methods. She visited processing plants and distribution facilities, attended dozens of trade shows, and researched equipment and packaging. ​

Sebastopol Microgreens

Sebastopol, California

Sebastopol Microgreens is a small local company delivering live microgreens to fine dining establishments and creative chefs in the San Francisco/Bay Area. Their farm fresh greens are not pre-cut or shipped long distances. Instead, they are delivered still in the growing flat–colorful, nutrient-rich and bursting with flavor.

Boulart Bread


Keep your fluff. Because we believe that less is more. No additives. No added sugar. No GMOs. Sometimes saying no can be a good thing. Develop a taste for simple sophistication. Learn to create it with the fewest of ingredients. Find ways to make artisan accessible. Feed their curious mouths and minds. Make mealtimes an occasion. Make a crust from making somebody’s day that bit better. Because everyone deserves the good stuff. The good life.  ​

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