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Delicious artisan cheese from the Central Coast of California!

Shooting Star Creamery

Paso Robles, CA

GreenLeaf is always looking for unique, local cheese makers. Shooting Star not only is local and unique but tastes fantastic as well. We were delighted to discover their washed rind sheep’s milk cheese, a rare find in the market. These sheep’s milk cheeses will make excellent additions to your cheese program.

Founder, Avery Jones, is a college student who has been helping her father, Reggie Jones of Central Coast Creamery, make cheese for nearly half of her life, and donates part of her
proceeds to veteran and amputee organizations in her community.

Available Cheeses:


This sheeps milk cheese is made in the Basque style and aged at least six monthsAries is dense and firm, speckled with small flecks. Flavors are rich and brothy, with a roasted chestnut finish. Pair with malt forward beer. 

  • Shelf life: 365 days
  • Case pack: 1/9lb


  • Best in Show – American Cheese Society 2019 3rd place
  • Best in Class – American Cheese Society – 2019 1st place


Made from a blend of sheep and cow milk, Sagittarius has a dense, pudgy paste with small, occasional eyes. Mild and approachable, this cheese has nutty undertones that finish with hints of apricot. Pair with most beverages, melt on everything.

  • Shelf life: 365 days
  • Case pack: 1/10lb


A small, washed rind sheep milk cheese, Scorpio has a buttery and smooth paste and peach colored rind. Flavors are both meaty and fruity, reminiscent of prosciutto and melon. Pairs well with light, fruity red wine and full bodied white wine.

  • Shelf life: 120 days
  • Case pack: 2/2lb


Leo is a young, bloomy rind cheese made of 100% local sheep milk. It’s a soft, buttery dream of a cheese, with a thin white rind and light colored paste. Flavors are light with notes of green grapes and fresh cut grass. Pair with something light and effervescent.

  • Shelf life: 120 days
  • Case pack: 2/2lb


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