Starting with GreenLeaf

  • We currently serve the Greater San Francisco Bay Area as far north as Geyserville, as far east as Sacramento, and as far south as Big Sur.
  • Now delivering to Chefs’ Warehouse customers in Reno/Tahoe!
Greenleaf distributes to independent restaurants, restaurant groups/chains, caterers, corporate restaurants, independent grocery stores, meal delivery services, wineries, country clubs and educational institutions.

Yes, there are order minimums depending on account size and ordering frequency. You will need to speak with a Sales Rep directly to determine your pricing structure.    

You can call our main number at 415-647-2991 and our Customer Service team will have a Sales Rep contact you. 

Fill out this form and a Sales Rep will contact you within 24 hours.

Please fill out this form. It will go directly to our buyers, and they will reach out to you if your product might be a good fit for GreenLeaf.

It’s business as usual at GreenLeaf. There are no changes to our operations in any way that affects our customers. We will keep you posted if that changes.

  • Call our main Customer Service number 415-647-2991
  • Reach out to your Sales Rep or Account Specialist
  • Email info @ greenleafsf.com

Our Products

Yes. Our buyers will try to source anything our customers may need for a special order. If there is enough demand, or consistent demand for a specific item, we will add it to our regularly stocked inventory or make it available by pre-order. Tell your sales rep what you are looking for.

  • Preordered items ensure the freshest quality and reduce food-waste.  They are delivered to you the day after we receive the item.
  • They are typically more delicate or hard to source items.
  • If you will be using a preorder item on a regular basis, we can help you manage a regular standing order so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to place the order in time.

Log into your account on our website.

  • Items listed in your profile and in your cart will have a note in the description that the item requires you to pre-order.

Or, ask your Sales Rep or Account Specialist

  • GreenLeaf buys local, seasonal produce in large quantities when an item will be available for customers’ menus as consistently as possible. Some local farms will have small quantities of items early or late in the season, but not enough to serve our customers.
  • GreenLeaf only buys from farms that adhere to rigorous food-safety standards, which eliminates some local farms from being GreenLeaf partners.
  • Only the highest quality products enter our facility and yours, We reject deliveries to our facility that you might find elsewhere.
  • We keep our inventory tight to ensure the freshest product is being delivered to you everyday and to reduce food-waste.
  • GreenLeaf only buys from vendors that adhere to rigorous food-safety standards, which eliminates some vendors from being GreenLeaf partners.
  • Please check with customer service or you Sales Rep to find out when an item will be back in stock.  Products are usually replenished in a short time, within 1-2 days. We can get an order set up as soon as it arrives to us. 

We work very hard to reduce gapping as much as possible.

  • Most products from every farm are on inconsistent growing cycles determined by heat, cold, rain, drought, etc.
  • We have extensive relationships with multiple growers of all our products, but if their gapping overlaps, and the remainder of the stock on the market has been purchased, we might see a week of gapping availability.
  • Our buyers still work daily to fill those gaps, so please keep checking back, and let your sales rep know if you need something urgently.

Yes! We offer more split cases than any of our competitors. We have hundreds of products available by the pound and each. Our inventory changes daily, so please browse our catalog for current availability or speak with your Sales Rep or Account Specialist.


All Orders must be placed by 10pm for next day delivery. No Sunday deliveries.  

  • Online order: Visit orders.greenleafsf.com. In the top right-hand corner, click on “customer login”, and then enter your login information. Ask you sales rep or account specialist for your login information.
  • Mobile App: Go to the app store and download Greenleaf Ordering app. Use the same online log-in above to access our catalog and place orders.
  • Live (in person): Call customer service at 415-647-2991
    • Monday – Friday 6:00am-10:00pm
    • Saturday 6:00am-2:00pm
    • Sunday 4:00pm-10:00pm for next day delivery.
      High volume call times are 8:30pm-10:00pm. Voicemails can be left 24/7, and our customer service team will process messages during the above hours.
  • Email: Send to orders @ greenleafsf.com
    (include account name, delivery date, & contact info).


To be able to maintain our 95% on-time delivery rate and 99% order accuracy rate, we must stop taking orders at 10pm to shift our team to picking and routing.

  • All pre-cut and prepared items must be ordered by 3:00pm for next day delivery. See our catalog for items we offer or speak with your Sales Rep or Account Specialist. 
  • Cancellations are possible only before the 3:00 p.m. cut-off.

Yes. All cancellations must be done through Customer Service at 415-647-2991 between 6:00am – 10:00pm. You may not cancel pre-ordered items.

Yes. All changes must be done through Customer Service at 415-647-2991 between 6:00am-10:00pm.

That is up to each customer.

  • We work very hard to match your items as closely as possible. If it’s not a close match, customer service will call you the night before your delivery to provide you with substitution options.
  • We can also assign “no substitutions” to your profile. Just speak with your Sales Rep or Account Specialist.
  • We are proud to currently have a 98% Order Fill Rate, and 99% Order Fill Rate with substitutions.


We deliver 6 days per week, Monday-Saturday from 4:30am-3pm. We are closed on Sunday.

Like most Bay Area business, we experience staffing shortages, and want to make sure we retain our skilled, dedicated, and hardworking employees. When we asked our staff what was important to them to achieve a work/life balance and remain GreenLeaf employees, they overwhelmingly asked for Sundays off. 

  • Only the highest quality products enter our facility and yours. If we must reject a delivery due to poor quality, it may reduce inventory we were relying on having available to our customers.
  • Our buyers immediately try to bring in replacement products that meet our standards. 
  • We will call you about shorted products the night before delivery, or no later than morning of your delivery.

Expect your delivery to arrive during your assigned delivery window. If you urgently need to know the ETA of your delivery, please call Customer Service 415-647-2991.

  • When you are getting onboarded, a driver will visit your facility where you will indicate if you would like your order in a specific area walk in/freezer/kitchen island/etc.
  • If you are present to receive the order, please put all perishables in refrigerators and freezers immediately after delivery. We are not responsible for the quality of a product after it has been delivered. 

We work very hard to make sure all products that come from our facility are of the highest quality. We currently have a 99% Quality Rating.


If an item does not meet your standards, please do not accept it from your driver. We will issue you a credit and send out a replacement via courier on the same day (does not apply to pre-orders).


Once a customer accepts a perishable item, it is very difficult to determine how the quality of an item deteriorated, therefore, receiving the product accepts liability. If you are certain the poor quality was our error after you accepted delivery, please call Customer Service at 415-647-2991 to explain the product’s condition, and how the product was handled after delivery. We will ask that you send us several photos of the item that demonstrates the condition. If we agree that it was GreenLeaf’s error, we will approve the return, pick up the returned item, replace the item via courier on the same day or issue you a credit.

Please call Customer Service at 415-647-2991 as soon as you notice the error. We will send out replacements via courier on the same day if possible, or for next day delivery.

Yes, you can request an adjustment for some or all of your delivery days and hours. Your final schedule will be based on availability, so requests are not guaranteed.

Send them back to GreenLeaf with your driver! We have a box recycling program with our local ecology center. We are very proud that over 60% of GreenLeaf boxes are returned to GreenLeaf, but we would love to see that number increase.