Providing Ingredients that Matter

For Sustainability, for Our Culture, and for Safety

GreenLeaf is proud to have been part of the sustainability food-chain since our inception in 1975 when our founder, Jameson Patton delivered local and organic produce to San Francisco communes and restaurants out of a 1966 Dodge Window van named Juliette.

As GreenLeaf’s reputation blossomed, Jameson and his partner, Steve Walton, became instrumental in the forming and advancement of CCOF, California Certified Organic Farmers.

Today, with over 2000 discerning customers, GreenLeaf is in the unique position to be able to select and support hundreds of farms and suppliers committed to organic and regenerative farming, ethical ingredient sourcing, worker well-being, and growing local communities.

We have put the same expectations on ourselves from prioritizing our company culture and workers’ safety, to the environmental impact of our facility and fleet.

For Safety

GreenLeaf BRC Rating: AA+

Our food safety program is certified by BRC, setting the standard for the most rigorous food safety management standards for all food industry sectors. In 2022, GreenLeaf was awarded the “World Class Manufacturer” certification for achieving all their competency requirements, putting us as one of the top Food Safety organizations in the world; a very elite group of less than 1% of the food industry.
BRCGS Food Safety Certified

For Our Culture

At GreenLeaf, there is a valued person and a passion behind every delivery—from thoughtful procurement, placement and picking of products to caring support staff for our employees, customers, growers, and community.

We try to foster a positive and friendly atmosphere in which everyone in a diverse community can feel comfortable and thrive. We keep our doors open—so we can always hear, understand, and respect the ideas of our GreenLeaf team. We acknowledge people for jobs well done and expectations that have been exceeded. We provide educational and development opportunities to help our employees prosper and grow.

Our company culture has excelled through meeting the BRC objectives and standards. A mature food safety culture is one in which the company vision and mission have been broken down into the finer details of expectations for every department and person throughout the organization. As the organization advances, so does everyone with more responsibilities, skill growth, and feelings of achievement – this is clearly expressed in the BRC scheme; it itself a vision of a complete and successful organization.

We are so grateful to the 97% of our employees who took the 2022 Culture Amp Employee Engagement Survey. We believe the 82% Engagement Score speaks volumes to our company culture, and we already have plans in place to see that number grow.

For Sustainability

Food Waste

We are particularly proud that only 0.02% of our total purchased food ends up as spoilage and all organic waste generated at our facility is composted. Go to our Community Involvement page to see the incredible organizations we partner with to reduce food waste and feed our communities.

» Benefits of Less Food Waste (Harvard School of Public Health)

Our Facility

At our warehouse, 100% of our lighting is LED. All our pallet-jacks and forklifts are electric and are certified by eMission Control Program as producing zero-emissions.

GreenLeaf boxes are made of 30% recycled materials. We reclaim over 60% of our boxes from our customers and 100% of our cardboard is recycled at our local Ecology center. 100% of our broken pallets are collected by a local company who refurbishes them into new pallets.


Our Fleet

  • 100% of our trucks run on bio-diesel fuel and DEF, including the attached refrigeration units.
  • By 2030, 100% of our trucks will be electric vehicles.
  • All wastewater from cleaning our fleet is filtered, keeping contaminants our of our Bay.