Dalena Farms

Dalena Farms is a family farm located in California’s Central Valley. Their onion business started with one field of yellow onions more than 30 years ago, and today they produce nearly 5 million packages of onions per year of both conventional and organic yellow, red, white,and sweet onions. As a family-operated farm, Dalena Farms are stewards […]

Solana Gold Organics

Solana Gold Organics has been farming organic apples since the 1970s. Some of the trees on their Sebastopol property are over 100 years old. They grow dozens of heirloom apple varietals while maintaining our planet’s environment and promoting sustainable agriculture. Their Sonoma County farming collective is called Appleseed Orchards in honor of Johnny Appleseed.

Solano Mushroom Farm

After completing a mycological studies program at UC Davis in 1986, Sam Shin founded a commercial mushroom farm specializing in Shiitake and Oyster mushroom cultivation. At the time, few varieties other than White Button mushrooms were commercially produced in the United States, making Sam one of the earliest domestic producers of Shiitakes and Oysters, which […]

Sebastopol Microgreens

Sebastopol Microgreens is a small local company delivering live microgreens to fine dining establishments and creative chefs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sebastopol’s microgreens are grown in trays of organic soil from carefully selected seeds. Each flat is tended by hand and nurtured in fresh air and the warmth of the sun. Their farm […]

Scattini Family Farms

The cool, coastal, Mediterranean-like climate and fertile soil of Castroville and the Salinas Valley make an ideal growing condition for the Original California Artichoke. Scattini Farms has been perfecting the artichoke for decades with generational knowledge and expertise to their farming methods, ensuring top quality and delicious taste. Their passion for farming drives them to […]

Riverdog Farms

Owned by Tim Mueller, Riverdog Farms has been located in Capay Valley since 1996 and grows over 80 different organic crops with diverse varieties on 450 acres of farmland. They rotate crops through their fields to help maintain healthy soil and prevent the build-up of pests. There are several organic fruit and nut orchards on […]

Ratto Bros.

Ratto Bros. was founded in 1905 when Antone L. Ratto started a vegetable business on Bay Farm Island near Oakland, California, delivering produce to customers by horse-drawn cart. They continue to produce top quality produce today, specializing in an array of leafy greens, specialty vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, and watermelons. Their state-of-the-art facility ensures their produce […]

Pete’s Living Greens

Founded in 1970, Pete’s is California’s leader in hydroponically grown living greens, using up to 85% less water and 70% less land than traditional growers. Every product from Pete’s is grown in state-of-the-art greenhouses where light, temperature, humidity and nutrients are controlled, which increases crop yields and allows for year-round availability. Best known for its […]

Oz Farms

Oz Farm is hidden in a quiet, private valley on one of the most pristine stretches of the scenic Mendocino County coast. Bordered with redwood forests and the Garcia River running through, Oz Farm is blessed with tranquility, fresh air, and clear water. They are ‘off-the-grid’, using solar and wind power for all operations. The […]

Oku Farms

The Oku Family takes great pride in providing the best lettuce possible. Created in insect protected, screened greenhouses, the lettuce is grown atop floating rafts in very large ponds, only taking up the nutrients that the plant needs, with no ground water pollution. This method uses only 5% of the water of traditional farming, and […]