New Natives

New Native’s farming practices are basic, simple, and natural—always on display in their greenhouses filled with the most nutritious food available. They begin with the seed, always organic. The growth cycle is initiated with pure, clean, tested water from their deep well, and the seed is planted in their mineral-rich, composted, vegan soil. The plants […]

Muzzi Family Farms

Muzzi Family Farms is committed to ensuring the sustainability of their various facility protocols to protect the environment. Their continual commitment is to use proven sustainable approaches that limit adverse effects on the environment. These approaches include implementing sustainable facility energy solutions, purchasing environmentally safe and renewable consumables, proper recycling, and utilizing automated systems to […]

Lakeside Organic Gardens

Lakeside Organic Gardens takes pride in growing a wide offering of organic produce on their family-owned and operated farm. Owner, Dick Peixoto, personally walks his fields daily to guarantee their 50+ organic vegetables are held to the highest quality and food safety standards. Lakeside Organic Gardens is 100% organic, 365 days a year. Their commitment […]

Knoll Farms

Knoll Farms was established in 1979 by Rick and Kristie Knoll in Brentwood, CA. Their 10-acre farm not only produces delicious, high-quality food all year round, but is also a haven for local wildlife. Knoll Farms practices food safe biodiversity farming with an emphasis on soil health, which leads to wide varieties of produce such […]

Jacobs Farm

The roots of Jacobs Farm stretch back to 1980, when husband and wife co-founders, Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin, started growing on just eight acres in Pescadero, California. Jacobs Farm has since expanded to include seven sites along California’s Central Coast and become an industry leader in organic herbs. They have always had one simple […]

Iacopi Farms

Since 1962, father and son team, Louis and Mike Iacopi, have been farming in the cool, seaside region of Half Moon Bay. They grow a wide-selection of high quality produce including English peas, fava beans, sugar snap peas, artichokes, and more, but are best known for their fresh shelling and dry bean varieties such as […]

Hiltop Specialty Farm

Hilltop Specialty Farm is a reliable source for natural shelled almonds, inshell almonds, and manufactured grades of almonds—all grown and processed in Monterey County, California. Their commitment to quality and food safety is embodied in their quality policies, years of food safety innovation, and HAACP program disciplines. California produces 70% of the world’s almonds, and […]

Gourmet Mushrooms Inc.

Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. is committed to growing the finest quality specialty mushrooms using sustainable practices. They have been pioneer growers of fresh culinary mushrooms since 1977, as the first to commercially cultivate shiitake in the United States. Their fresh mushroom division, Mycopia Mushrooms, has earned its reputation as the premier grower of top quality, flavorful […]

Gotham Greens

Gotham Greens is a fresh food company, operating sustainable greenhouses in cities all across America. Local cultivation helps deliver their products quickly after being harvested to ensure they are fresh and nutritionally dense. Their indoor farming facilities are sun powered and climate controlled, for a year-round growing season that ensures clean, sustainable, and quality food, […]

Global Mushroom Farm

Global Mushrooms is a premiere, state-of-the-art mushroom growing facility located in Gilroy, California. They specialize in the production of many distinct varieties of restaurant grade mushrooms including: White Button, Crimini, and Portabella. Partners—Alice Chiala, Frank Gogliano Jr., and Sylvan Rosenzweig—prioritize innovation, food safety, employee safety, quality, efficiency, and versatility to grow the finest quality mushrooms […]