Vital Farms

Vital Farms began as a single-family farm. Today, they work with over 300 small family farms who give the hens the outdoor lifestyle they deserve. Their pasture-raised eggs come from pasture-raised hens who enjoy a minimum of 108 sq. ft. roaming room in fresh pastures, with the freedom to forage for local grasses, succulents, and […]

Valley Ford Creamery

Valley Ford Cheese & Creamery is located on the rural coast of Sonoma County, California. The company produces handcrafted, Italian style artisan cheeses made from 100% Jersey cows milk. The cows have access to pasture 365 days a year, and are never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. The land is certified organic.

Tomales Farmstead

In 2013, with the support of MALT and a USDA Rural Development grant, Tomales Farmstead began producing goat and sheep cheeses. They believe that in order to tackle our current climate crisis, food should maintain the smallest footprint possible. Tomales Farmstead cheeses are produced with milk from their Animal Welfare Approved herd and flock raised […]


Strauss’s dairy products are organically farmed and freshly crafted. They believe how food is farmed, processed, and packaged impacts our health and the environment. Their family of products are crafted from the highest quality organic milk from twelve small family farms along the Northern California Coast. Straus products are always Non-GMO and minimally processed—with no […]

Shooting Star Creamery

Central Coast Creamery owner, Reggie Jones, asked his daughter, Avery Jones, if she wanted to try her hand at artisan cheese making. Soon, they set up a separate creamery to allow Avery to take risks with the cheese, as well as have something to base her recipes on. They called this company Shooting Star Creamery […]

Point Reyes Farmstead

Point Reyes Farmstead has always been known for making the freshest, highest quality milk. Their family’s herd of Holsteins were all raised from birth right on the property, giving them complete quality control from start to finish. Their first creamery was, and still is, right next to the milking parlor. They now have two locations […]

Nicasio Valley Cheese

Nicasio Valley Cheese is handcrafted in Nicasio, California using authentic, traditional recipes from the alpine village of their founder’s ancestral homeland, Maggia, Switzerland. They are honored and proud that their cheese has been recognized globally, nationally, and locally in various competitions including the American Cheese Society, World Cheese Championships, California State Fair, and Good Food […]

Marin French Cheese

Marin French Cheese Company is the single oldest continuously-operating cheese factory in the United States. Widely held to be the originator of California-made brie and camembert, Marin French got their start producing “Breakfast Cheese,” which was a fresh, rindless cheese sold to San Francisco saloons as an alternative to pickled eggs. They are known for […]

Laura Chenel

In 1979, Laura Chenel began crafting her own farmstead goat cheese. Using techniques she learned in France and milk from her own goats, she became synonymous with quality and taste. Laura Chenel partners with family farms across the western U.S., sourcing fresh milk from purveyors in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho. By extending long-term agreements […]

Glaum Egg Ranch

Glaum Egg Ranch has been a family owned and operated farm since the early 1920’s. In the fresh egg business for 3 generations and counting, the Glaum philosophy is simple: ensure the health and welfare of the chicken is maintained at above-standard conditions, and produce the freshest eggs for the customer. All of the chickens […]